If there is a palette anywhere in my eyesight, I'm snagging it. Lately I have been furnishing my house with these babies and I'm obsessed. When looking for palettes, keep a few things in mind. Find ones that don't have any mold or things growing on them. Next, check the slats to make sure nothing is broken. Palette wood tends to be softer and they break easily. One thing I love about them is they come in a variety of sizes and the wood on each slat could be completely different from the next.

For this end table, I deconstructed the palette until I just had the top remaining. I sanded down the rough edges and put on a coat of poly to bring out the natural grain and texture of the wood. To make the edges look more clean and finished, I use some scrap wood I had around the house and stained them a grayish color. The legs are stair spindles purchased at the local home improvement store for a few dollars.

Here is the table set up in my house. I added an old wine crate underneath it with a big fluffy blanket inside. The wine crate was found at an estate sale. The skull prints on the wall are in my etsy shop if you like those. Click HERE to head over there.


Bathroom Remodel

I have this terrible habit of redecorating and renovating areas of my house when I get bored. My latest project was my bathroom. It doesn’t look like it from the before photo but the vanity is the original one to the house from the 70’s, just painted and the top is that great marbled formica. The bathtub is a powder blue dream. 

I wasn’t in the market to gut the whole thing and start fresh so I made do with what I had. First, I knew I wasn’t going to be painting or removing the tub so I decided to embrace it. I bought a small container of Americana Décor Chalk Paint in Serene to match the tub and went to town. I am now obsessed with this line of paint! It required zero sanding or prepping of the surface, no sealer necessary and 2 coats completely covered the black. Don’t let the size of the tub fool you. I swore I’d need 2 or 3 and I only used a 1/4 of 1! I applied it with a sponge brush to eliminated any strokes in the paint. I took the doors off and sanded those down to expose whatever natural wood was underneath. I left some of the black paint in the groves and replaced the knobs for a more vintage look. 

I got a plain white shower curtain and painted the walls gray (pardon that it’s not pressed but who really irons a shower curtain?). To accent the blue and grey, I went for a bright green. I only used it as an accent through towels and the mason jar holder for some punch. For the mason jar sconce, I bought the same Americana Décor Chalk Paint in New Life and gave them each a good coat. After they dried, I distressed them with a piece of light sandpaper and tied twine around the top to finish them off. I use one for makeup brushes, another or Q-Tips and the last one for my toothbrush and paste. The board is from Hobby Lobby that I painted white and the jars are being held on with adjustable plumbing rings.

The box above my towels is a drawer from a very old apothecary chest I found at an estate sale. I sanded the drawer to remove some paint and left what was underneath exposed. I decided to display some of my everyday makeup so it would be easily accessible and look nice at the same time. On the back of my door, I took the glass out of a vintage frame from an estate sale and drilled a hook in the center of it towards the top. This serves as my robe hook. You wouldn't think painting a mirror would make such a drastic change in a space but it made my bathroom feel huge! The black was really weighing down the eye. 


Chair Upcycle

I don’t know what it is about finding treasures on the side of the road or at estate sales that makes me so giddy but I am addicted. My sister can sell ice to an eskimo so I never leave home for an adventure without her. She’s my road dog. 

This particular chair frame was spotted by my boyfriend on the side of the road. I often give him assignments to hunt down or be on the look out for whatever hair-brained idea I’ve come up with. Digging through trash isn’t his favorite thing in the world but he knows I’m nuts and just does it with a smile. Anyway, he found this chair abandoned without a seat and some of the legs were splitting. 

I started by cutting a seat base out of some scrap wood and filling the split wood with wood filler and liquid nail to keep it all together. The type of wood used for the seat didn’t really matter because I then upholstered it with a 3” foam cushion from Walmart. I covered the foam with this amazing Bohemian fabric that I having been dying over since I found it. 

Next, I painted the chair base a mint color to match the theme of our woman cave, attached the seat and boom. Cute ass little chair for my vanity. This project cost me a total of $12.

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